Import Door to Door / Cargo borongan / using air or sea freight

Mr Express Cargo offers a wide variaty of services and as a total supplier, we can handle everything from picking up the goods from your manufacturer to delivering the end product to your customer – and off course the process in between, We can help your import clearance. we need: SIUP, SRP, NPWP API/APIT and other government related documents please call us at 9612 6780 or email to


Export Door to Door using air or sea freight

Its full of Customer Services Oriented Organization, Having a well equipped software to segregate consignments according to the place of delivery, There are two groups working in both shifts, Morning time allotted to all Air cargo processing & deliveries, Evening time to take care of Ship consignments, Area separation / Checking weight / Checking electronics / Docket nos /Booking No need to search the cartons manually