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Mr Express Cargo

Mr Express Cargo is an international forwarding company based in Jakarta , Indonesia .
We offer shipping solutions to and from Indonesia with thorough knowledge about Asia.
MR express Cargo has a branch office in Surabaya, Bandung and we have network on global worldwide in Europen , hungary, finland , united kingdom . Germany , USA, Canada , Australia, Austria, Italia, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Oslo, Vestby, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.

Our registered office is located in Jakarta. MR express Cargo is the new standard in the cargo industry to provide customized and innovative solutions in the International Cargo Delivery Services, MR Express Cargo is growing enormously under a dynamic management, ever sensitive to the constantly changing needs of its valued customers, Our newly developed well equipped Offices & Ware house Buildings are highly supporting to accomplish the Processing & Delivery formalities rapidly.


Mr Express Cargo has the following competences:

* Warehousing/distribution
* Bonded warehouse
* Customs clearing
* Seafreight
* Airfreight
* Sea/air freight
* Online Stores
* Refinishing
* Track ‘n trace

Mr express Cargo Network

We know each other The network at Mr express Cargo is not just a network of working partners, but also a personal network. Our employees worldwide and several of our agents know each other back from the time Mr Express Cargo was established, and some, even further back. Consequently our network is much more than just a professional relationship.

A network built on persons is a strong network
Since we have known each other for a long time, we are in a position to choose the right people to carry out the assignments. We know that this makes things easier as all of those involved see the assignments as a common matter. We thus emphasize the fact that our network is a personal network. It makes it more fun to go to work, but we also believe that it provides a solid foundation for supplying a strong product to our customers.

Mr express Cargo Responsibility

Responsibility is based on the knowledge of our customer’s daily life
We know the daily life of our customers, and therefore we know what is important to them. This puts us in a position to predict and anticipate unforeseen changes and respond to them early on. We see the challenges through the eyes of our customers. This is the reason why responsibility and knowledge of the customer’s market, to us, are closely connected.


Our office Location

MR ExPress Cargo

Jl H .Syarbini III no 82 blvd 04/06

Kel makasar – Jakarta Timur 13570

DKI Jakarta – Indonesia

Telp : +62 21 2280 1548
Mobilephone  HP : +6282123918340 /  +6285715244825

email : reza@mrexpresscargo.com

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